Application Approval

Once you have entered an application into the system, based on the Scoring settings, it can be:

● automatically accepted

● automatically rejected

● put on hold for manual moderation (Manual status will be shown).

To make a decision on an application manually, follow the steps below.

1. Go to Underwriting – Manual and click the application.

You will see the application page in the Underwriting section. It has a structure similar to the loan page. Also, you will see:

● information left by the client in the application

● loan repayment schedule, automatically generated by the Loan Management System

● additional data about the client from the third-party services (e.g., Bureau of Credit Histories)

● some other sections.

2. Click the Decision button.

3. Select Approve, add a comment if applicable, and click Confirm.

If required, you may reject the application.

4. The status of the application will then change to Approved.