Neofin offers four custom no-code lending templates:

- Unsecured consumer loan
- Embedded lending products
- Revenue-based financing
- Secured loan

which enable businesses and individuals to build financial products without any coding experience.

With the Unsecured consumer loan template, users can design and launch personal loans for consumers, providing them with flexible repayment terms and interest rates. This template is ideal for creating loan products that cater to various needs, such as debt consolidation, home improvements, and unexpected expenses.

On the other hand, the Embedded lending products template allows users to create credit lines for consumers, allowing them to access funds on demand. This template enables users to set credit limits, interest rates, and repayment schedules that align with their business objectives and meet the needs of their customers.

Both templates are fully customizable, enabling users to tailor their loan products to their specific requirements. They also feature advanced risk assessment tools, ensuring that lending decisions are made based on reliable data and analysis.

Overall, the Unsecured consumer loan and Embedded lending products  templates by Neofin provide businesses and individuals with a powerful solution for creating innovative and responsive consumer loan products that cater to their customers' needs.