Document Template Creation

To create a document to be signed by the client before receiving a loan, follow the steps below.

1. Go to Settings – Documents – Create.

2. Specify the name of the document and its type. Then click Save.

Loan – a type of document that refers to a loan. You must sign a document for each new loan.

Client – a type of document that refers to a client. For example, if a client has previously signed a document, he/she may not sign it again when the loan is reissued.

Prolongation – a type of document that refers to the prolongation of the loan term. If the client wants to prolongate the term, he/she usually must sign a document.

3. Click the name of the newly created document to proceed working with it.

4. Insert the text of the document to be signed by the client into the Content area.

If required, you can edit the text formatting. For example, to make a word or sentence bold, italic, add headings, etc. You can use the text formatting menu.

5. Insert variables into the text of the document.

Variable is a value of the field in the loan and client forms that the client fills out. It is automatically added to the document during the signing step.

For example, when filling out the form, the client specified his name, John. In the text of the document, you will see such a sentence:

This is an official credit agreement between Student Loan LLC (hereby known as “the Lender”) and {{ Name}} (hereby known as “the Borrower”).

Once the document is automatically generated for signature, the {{ Name}} variable will be replaced by John.

You will find the list of all variables below the Content area.

Please note that if you used unique fields in the form, they will also be added to the general list. In the User Flow Editor instructions, you created a form where you added Your Income field. Also, you will see it in the list of all variables.

Put the variables in double braces to ensure that they work properly. For example, {{loan.amount: Amount}}

Once you have prepared your document, click Save.

If you have a new Loan, by clicking Preview you will see the text of the document.