The Payments section contains a list of banks that, in some cases, are used to pay the loan in a manual mode.

The manager adds the desired bank to the list, the client then provides his/her payment details for this bank, and the loan could be funded in this way.

To add a bank for further work, go to Settings – Payments – Banks – Create. Fill out the required fields and click Next.

Then specify the address and click Send. The added bank will appear in the list of banks.

Also, in the Payments section, you will see a list of providers to be used for paying or repaying a loan.

You can configure a provider in just 3 clicks by filling out the fields with the data given by third-party provider to you.

Repayment – a section where you configure the provider, with the help of which the client will repay the loan.

Manual repayment provider – here you specify the provider, with the help of which the client can repay the loan from the personal account.

Subscription repayment provider – here you can select the provider, with the help of which you will automatically withhold the required amount from the client on a monthly basis.