Here you can expand the displayed fields in the Underwriting section. Add the required number of fields, specify the order, Source and Field key.

In addition, you can configure the filters for the table list and filters for the export, as well as export the data to an Excel spreadsheet.

You can also configure the Data source cards block in the Application section.

This block is used for displaying information in the Application section on the page of a specific application.

The example above shows 2 cards with the following information: Personal information and Employment and Income. This is how it will look like on the application page:

To add a card with information, click Add, specify a name and description, as well as the sequence number of the displayed block on the page of a specific application.

Then configure the display of information in the added card. Scroll down the screen and press Add.

Fill out the required fields. In the Card field, select the block that will be used to display information on the application page.

Then switch to the Value tab and fill out the required fields.

In the Name field, specify the name of the field, and in the Data source field, specify the source from where the system will take the information to be displayed in this field.

For example, if you set Value as follows:

On the application page, it will look like this: