SMPT server configuration (Brevo, SendingBlue)

Certainly! Based on your description, here are the instructions for setting up email configuration in your application:

To configure email settings, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings: Go to the Settings section of your application.
  2. Access Communication Settings: Within Settings, find the Communication tab and click on Email.
  3. General Settings: Under the Email section, locate the General Settings option.

Choose Configuration Option: You will have two configuration options:

  • a) Configure Your Own SMTP Server: If you prefer to use your own SMTP server, select this option and enter the required server details.
  • b) Use Pre-Ready Integration with Brevo (SendingBlue): For a simpler setup, choose this option.

Fill out Brevo Credentials: If you opt for Brevo integration, provide the following details:

  • Pseudonym: Enter the pseudonym to be used for sign-in and login messages.
  • Sending Pseudonym: Specify the pseudonym for mass sending campaigns.
  • API URL: Provide the API URL required for integration.
  • API Key: Enter your API key to authenticate the integration.

Save Changes: After filling out the necessary information, save your settings to apply the configuration.

By following these steps, you can successfully set up your email configuration using Brevo integration or your own SMTP server.