Style Manager Overview

Style Manager – a section in the menu where you can customize the visual display of any element. For example, font, font color, font size, position (center, left, right), transparency, etc.

In the menu bar, you can find Style Manager:

To change the display of any element, first click on it. For example, you need to change the text and color of the button.

Then click Style Manager. On the right side of the screen, you will see 2 blocks of information.

Classes – presets that determine the style of a certain element. If required, you can remove the class or add your own class. You should have basic CSS skills to work with classes.

Settings – settings that can be used to manage an element. For example, in the Text field, you can change the text of the button:

In the Typography section, you can change the font type, font size, color, etc.

In the Decorations section, you can configure the background color, border color, etc.

Thus, you can use the Style Manager tool to tweak the visual display of any element on the Landing page.